​International Psychohistorical Association

May, 2019, New York University, New York City

"Is the Religious World-View a Post-Traumatic Dream?"

American Psychological Association, Division 36 -

The Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

March, 2018, University of California, Riverside

​“'Save Thyself, Child!' Did the Salvation Myths of World Religions Arise in Response to Corporal Punishment?"

Accepted to present but unable to attend. View the abstract.

The Evolution of Religion - Second Decennial Conference
November, 2017, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico
"Childhood Trauma and the Traumatogenic Theory of Religious Myth"

You can read the abstract and view the presentation either just below or directly on YouTube

[Correction: In this talk, I misspoke in referring to "traumatogenic" as a neologism. "Traumatogenic" is a well-established medical term, which I repurposed. The neologism is "traumatomorphic," which I also discuss]


Children’s History Society
June, 2016, Kings College, London, England
“A Different Kind of Opiate: How Religions Repeat and Palliate Endemic Traumas of Childhood’

Public Lecture: Jewish Federation of the Berkshires
May, 2016, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
"How Religious Myths Reflect Childhood Trauma”

Public Lecture: Mason Library
December, 2015, Great Barrington, Massachusetts
“Are Religions Shaped by Childhood Trauma?”

Vienna International Congress on Science and/or Religion
August, 2015, Vienna, Austria
"Childhood Trauma as Organizing Principle in the Formation of Religious Myth”

Sigmund Freud University (university seminar)
August, 2015, Vienna, Austria
"Childhood Trauma and Religion”

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
November, 2013, Boston, Massachusetts
"Religion as a Cultural Response to Childhood Trauma”

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
October, 2008, Louisville, Kentucky
"Reflections of Childhood Punishment in Religious Narrative and Salvation Theology”

International Psychohistorical Association
June, 2008, New York City
"Mapping the Patriarchal Family onto a Religious Cosmos”

Public Lecture: Center for Inquiry
Feb., 2008, Amherst, NY
"The Crucified Child: How the History of Childhood Suffering Shaped Christianity”

Society of Biblical Literature 
Nov., 2007, San Diego, invited respondent
Psychology and Biblical Studies unit, session on: "Emotional Transference and Transformation in the Bible”

Society for the History of Children and Youth
June, 2007, Norrkoping, Sweden
"The Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Christianity, and Childhood"

Human Behavior and Evolution Society
May, 2007, Williamsburg, Virginia
"Religions Metaphorically Reflect Normative Patterns of Childhood Punishment”

American Historical Association
Jan., 2007, Atlanta; session organizer and presenter
Session: "Religion and the Coercion of Children within the Context of Patriarchy"
Presentation: "Reflections of Patriarchal Coercion of Children within Core Christian Narratives and Belief Structures”

Society of Biblical Literature
Nov., 2006, Washington, DC, two papers
"Symbolic Images of Endemic Childhood Trauma Embedded in New Testament Writings: Cultural Functions and Implications"
"Culturally Endemic Patterns of Childhood Trauma Reflected in New Testament Narrative and Theology: Implications for New Testament Origins"